Peaceful Horizons Grave Tending Services

There are times in life when unfortunately we cannot be as attentive as we would like. A grave of a loved one is very special and deserves respect and dignity but sometimes, due to a variety of reasons such as geography, health, family and work commitments we cannot visit and upkeep the memorial as often as we would like.

Peaceful Horizons would like to offer that reassurance that the grave, plot or memorial of your loved one is given the attention and care it deserves and gives you the peace of mind that it will be tended to as you wish.

Peaceful Horizons Service

Georgina Burdett

 07377 683 463

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We offer a range of services included in the packages listed below:

  • Empty flower pots and vases of old flowers
  • Replace the vase/flower pot if needed
  • Trim grass and re-seed if necessary
  • Remove any windblown debris and cut back overgrown plants, bushes surrounding the immediate area
  • Remove any weeds and unwanted plants
  • Light cleaning of the headstone and any other stonework
  • Wash gravel
  • Email/send a before and after photograph

For an extra cost I can:

  • Add fresh or silk flowers of your choice, we can also add these with a message on a special occasion if required.
  • Deep clean of the stone work
  • Carry out maintenance on the stonework *
  • Change gravel
  • Lay turf
  • Plant bulbs

Some of these services will depend on the rules of the cemetery or memorial garden.

* All maintenance work to be carried out will be decided after I visit the memorial and then a discussion between us to agree on the maintenance needed.

PackageVisit FrequencyPrice (per visit)Total Price (Annual)
OakMonthly£25 (1 visit per month)£300
SycamoreQuarterly£45 (4 visits per year)£180
Ash6 Monthly£65 (2 visits per year)£130
WillowAnnual£120 (One-off visit*)£120
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* This can be a one-off visit for a memorial which has not had any attention for some time.

If you are interested in any of our services, please call Georgina on 07377683463 and I will be happy to discuss your needs.